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About Redeemer Services .Inc

Redeemer Services, Inc. is a small, but ever-growing family-owned business in Woodbury, MN.

Our Founding

Grace Muenyi founded Redeemer Services, Inc. in 2007 in Minnesota as a home health agency. She started the agency part-time as she continued work at the University of Minnesota Clinical Trial Office with the Bone Marrow Transplant Registry. With over 30 years of experience in health care and nursing, Grace aspired to create an agency that will promote the quality-of-life older adults experience as they move out of nursing facilities. Grace passed on in 2017, after she established the organization and programs to support the lives of many older adults and individuals with physical disabilities, and mental illness to find housing of their choice.

Leadership Biography

Executive Director

Francis Muenyi started working with Redeemer Services, Inc. in 2011 in the finance department with a Master’s in Business Administration. In 2017, Francis was appointed Executive Director. Through continued work, Francis ensured the operations ran smoothly and the expansion of the agency.

Redeemer Services, Inc. continuously adapts to meet the changing needs of the individuals we serve in the community. The agency started by providing Relocation Coordination Services. Then in 2015, Redeemer Services, Inc. transitioned to providing Moving Home Minnesota services.

One of the most significant developments in Redeemers Services was case management services. Redeemer Services, Inc. started contracted case management services with Ramsey County in 2016 and expanded to provide contracted case management services with Hennepin County in 2019.

Redeemer Services, Inc. has grown significantly over the years, in terms of the number of programs operated, people employed, and persons served. The agency continues to explore new opportunities for service and looks forward to improving the quality of life for the individuals we work with.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to working together to provide support and assistance to support the individuals we service and our staff to achieve their goals, dreams, and ambitions. We promote individuals to enjoy the life they want in a place they can call home. At Redeemer Services Inc., you will always be heard and understood.

Our Services

Case Management Services

Case management services provide people with access to assessment, person-centered planning, referral, linkage, support plan monitoring, coordination, and advocacy related to waiver services, resources, and informal supports that are not necessarily funded through the waiver.

Housing Stabilization Services

Housing Stabilization Services that aims to help individuals with disabilities, including mental illness and substance use disorder, and seniors find and maintain housing.

Relocation Service Coordination

Relocation service coordination assist people who are currently residing in an institution return to the community.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 8.30 – 5.00

Saturday Closed

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People Say

When it comes to this company, "Minnesota Nice"! Still exist. With their help I'm on my way to a better and healthier life. I give Rachel 5 🌟's along with upper management. THANK YOU!
Mike P.


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